Madison’s puppies are 1 week old today

Madison’s pups are going from strength to strength and I am so happy that they are chubby and thriving. This week I expect that they will open their eyes and start to become a little more interactive.

It was my daughter’s turn to come up with a litter theme – she chose some of her favorite Youtuber’s who make AnimalJam video’s for their names. We dont actually call them these names – they are just how we identify them for the blog. As far as they are concerned, their names are “puppy” till they go to their forever home.

Please dont mind the darker photos – we decided to take these as the light was fading – I like to use natural light so the baby’s eyes dont get affected, but of course that means that when the light went, it really went 🙂

So, without further ado, introducing :

Gelly (after GellyJones) Now lb 3.4oz (was 10.3 at birth)

Cottonzz – now 1lb 3.3oz (was 9.3oz at birth)

Bepper – now 1lb 2.9oz (was 9.5oz at birth)

Wistor (after Wistoriamoon) – now 1lb 6.6oz (was 10oz at birth)

Apparri – now 1lb 4.1oz (was 10.5oz at birth) – the only boy)

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