Vixen’s puppies are 5 weeks old

Vixen’s puppies are 5 weeks old and I decided to do their photos outdoors – despite their hour long playtime, they were still not interested in sitting still for pictures – hahaha! And who can blame them when there is a whole big world to explore?

They are on 3 solid meals a day. They sleep alone and are almost weaned. I cant believe they are growing up so quickly.

Holly. She is sweet and gentle. The smallest of the litter, however not to be overlooked – she has spark for sure and wont be pushed around by her siblings.

Eve – my nickname for her is “spicy” – she is the first to wake up and come over when I call them for food and always is in the mix of everything. She is busy and bold and vocal about wanting snuggles.

Noelle – She is the most laid back of the girls – she is a quiet observer and the best sleeper. But always up for a game or a romp with her siblings once things get started.

Kris – he is the bolder of the two boys – very vocal about wanting snuggles and time to explore outside the puppy pen. He loves to be out with the family and is a shadow – always a little busy man.

Nick – he is a snuggly boy who is happy go lucky. He is always happy to play, or explore – whatever the others are doing, he is happy to do too. Just dont pin him down – not keen to stop if he is not in the mood yet.

Thank you for your interest in my dogs. At this stage, all of my beagle puppies are sold. I have a current waiting list that may mean you have to wait till 2020 for a puppy to become available. If you are okay with waiting, please get in touch with me – Please see my FAQ page for any questions you might have. thank you. <3

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  1. You captured some great shots! Eve melts my heart… thanks for sharing these sweet little babies with us. 🙂

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