Vixen’s beagle babies are 4 weeks

Vixen and Bob’s little babies are not so little anymore. They are playing more and more and loving the variety of toys we get out for them each day – they are getting more proficient at the mini slide/stair set and wobble board and I think the cat tunnel is their most prized possession 🙂

They are eating 3 times a day and Vixen sees them more as playmates now – she really doesn’t want to nurse them and only does so for a min or two – those needle teeth sure are getting to her. But she cleans them and plays with them and is the ever attentive mother. I couldn’t ask for more at this stage.

Enjoy these photos of their first adventure outdoors. We had an afternoon where it wasn’t too cold so we made the most of it for a quick 20 min play outside before coming back inside.

Cinimon (Girl)

Nutmeg (Boy 1)

Ginger (Boy 2)

Clove (Boy 3)

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

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