Vixen’s beagle babies play outdoors

Is there anything cuter than beagle pups at play? I think not. It has been cold and snowy and then rainy and so the babies haven’t had a ton of outdoor playtime. So – when we had a break in the weather today, we made the most of it with a lovely romp in the garden. I love how bold and happy the babies are as they play with the adults. These pups are so confident. These photos are in lieu of their 6 week old photos – I wasn’t able to take the photos as I had COVID and was too tired to take them. I think they are pretty cute regardless – don’t you agree?

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. We have an existing waitlist and so these puppies will be spoken for. If you want to be considered for future puppies, please visit my “Puppy page” for details.

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