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Sometimes we place older show dogs with families. We did that with River and through a series of events, found it wasn’t a good match for either him nor the family.

Please know that I do not begrudge the family – my job is to make a lifelong connection between a dog and their family and if that is not happening, then I am a breeder that will take their dog back.

So, I did. River came back and spent 2.5 months with me. In that time, I cherished my time with him. As a breeder, we don’t often get to have time with our adult dogs – to see how they turned out.

He was the “pick” of the litter, and had spent his show career with Mike and Karen in California, so apart from a couple of shows, I had not seen him much. Spending time with him made me appreciate all the things I had liked as a puppy, and know what a quality dog he was – not just physically, but mentally as well.

In one afternoon, we worked on his novice trick title. He got it 🙂 So, he is now CH Kazuri’s River of Dreams TKN. He is so food motivated, that he will do just about anything for a treat 🙂 It’s a bonus for sure.

I took some photos of him while he is here also. While he is neutered, I have 4 straws of semen for him, so I hope to one day bring him back into my bloodline again.

He has a new family looking at him now – and I hope that he has found his forever place to land. He, just like every dog, deserves a home where they are loved and cherished for who they are. <3

River’s Novice Trick Video Submission