Madison’s pups are 6 weeks old

Maddy’s babies are 6 weeks old. We still have Nick, Eve and Noelle are still here for a few more weeks till they go to their new homes. The babies are really not looking like babies anymore and so now I can start to assess them and see if anyone will stay in my breeding program. I cant wait to do this. 🙂

The two litters get along so well I have now combined them – they are now playing together all day and napping together. The new skills development continues with crate training for the older pups well underway.

I love them so much. Holly (now Chloe) and Kris (now Walter) are settled into their new homes and the reports I have are wonderful. They are greatly missed but I love to hear that they are doing so well with their new families.

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  1. Hello I am really interested in one of your beagle puppies can you please tell me how much it is to get one and some more information about them?

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