Emmy’s beagle pups enjoy the outdoors for the first time

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so Mike and Karen decided to let the puppies have their first experience outdoors. The funny story is that they were way more interested in their momma Emmy than they were in the interesting sights and sounds and scents around.

Emmy is such a sweet, loving, kind mom. She takes it all in her stride – 7 puppies could be overwhelming, but not for her. What a rockstar momma.

** Just a reminder that these puppies are being raised with my co-breeders Mike and Karen in Sacramento California, so you cant visit them in Seattle unfortunately. I will be bringing them up at some point in April.

Thank you for your interest in my puppies and breeding program. At this stage I don’t know if any of these puppies will be available as I will start assessing them around week 7/8 to see who will stay in my breeding program. I thank you for your patience and understanding. I do understand how hard it is to wait.

If you want to be considered for a puppy, please look on my “puppy page” for all the information you need about my breeding plans, FAQs, and a questionnaire to fill out. Thanks, Sarah