Kiss’ cavalier puppies are 4 weeks old

According to my son (15), the puppies are now officially fun. They are now toddling around, exploring the puppy pen and starting to play with each other (and by play I mean in slow motion as they are still a little uncoordinated). They are enjoying several meals a day. All but Hamilton eat with great gusto – he gets a little distracted and would rather explore than sit and eat.

I am really loving raising these little ones – they are super fun and I am trying to enjoy every moment as it is already flying by way too fast.

Enjoy the latest photos. I hope whatever you are doing, in quarantine or not, you are staying safe and healthy. <3


Aaron Burr




Angelica, Aaron, Hamilton, Peggy, Eliza

Thank you so much for your interest in my puppies. At this stage I dont know which (if any) of these puppies will be available as I am waiting to assess them at 7-8 weeks. Thank you for being patient with me as I wait and make sure I make the right decision for my breeding program first, before making any offers out for pet families.

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  1. They’re getting so big!! 😭 I SO wish I could come snuggle them!! Darned covid… I can drool over these pictures for now, they are BEAUTIFUL 😍

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