My sweet Mee-Mers

Mia (CH Foxtail’s Need For Speed TKN RATI) has lived with us since she was about 1. We heard that her breeder was going to place her as a pet and so I snapped her up. I already had her littermate Madison, but having a different type, meant I could double my odds – breeding the two girls to different types of boys and see what happens.

She is sweet and mellow – a lovely member of our home. We call her MooMe, MeeMee, Mee-Mers. She provided me with the beautiful Vixen and for that I will be forever grateful. I tried to breed her a 3 more times and every time she missed. So, as she approached six, i decided to run bloodwork which came back healthy, and try one last time and either way I would retire her. Lo and behold, she fell pregnant – you could have blown me over with a feather.

She has the most amazing family that she will retire with – they are eagerly awaiting her to finish up with her puppies so she can be spayed and live out her days on their couch. We will miss her deeply but it is so nice to know how loved she is going to be.

I did a quick photo shoot with her. Thank you to my 13 year old Brianna for her help in running around the yard with Mia and with camera work as I stacked her. The fun thing about these photos is she is days away from turning 6, and around 5 weeks pregnant – I love how much muscle tone she still has and how gorgeous her movement is still. <3 You can also see her belly starting to grow. <3