Madison & Vixen’s Pups are 3 weeks.

It seems a little silly to make a separate post for these two litters since they are just two days apart. So, I am going to post it on Thursday – the day in between to be “fair” 🙂 LOL.

The babies are growing up nicely. I am smiling to myself that I think that a couple of Madison’s babies have decided that they want to be babies just a little bit longer – their first bite of food was “traumatic” and caused two to cry (not pointing any fingers :P). I have never had that before. Needless to say, that after several attempts, we now have everyone eating successfully – one little Diva girl prefers to eat off the spoon, and who am I but to oblige her? Life is short and I only get so much time with them at this stage.

They are all beginning to toddle around on drunken legs and so we are starting to let them explore outside the whelping box a little more. Over the coming week/s they will start to discover the magic of toys and what fun those are. 🙂

Enjoy the latest pictures of the babies

Gordon (Madison x Buddy)

Ming (Madison x Buddy)

Bobby (Madison x Buddy)

Mario (Madison x Buddy)

Carla (Madison x Buddy)

Julia (Madison x Buddy)

Elon (Vixen x BJ)

Doug (Vixen x BJ)

Bob (Vixen x BJ)

Katherine (Vixen x BJ)

Dorothy (Vixen x BJ)

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. I wont be making offers to any families till closer to 6-7 weeks when I can assess their structure and temperament, and decide which will be staying in my breeding program.

Please note for any new enquiries, that I have approximately a 12 month wait time for puppies at this time.

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  1. I am living in Tucson AZ. Our beagle , Willy, passed away last Jan.
    Now I think I am ready for another beagle.
    Do you Ship a puppy?

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