Madison & Vixen’s beagle pups turn 5 weeks

5 weeks – when did that happen? Woah. They are bone-a-fide mini dogs now – running around and talking (aka growling) and playing together and with toys. They love the mini slide and teeter totter. We have combined the two litters together so to make sure we don’t mix them up, I have put collars on Vixen’s litter. While their markings are different, I don’t want to chance mixing them up till I am completely sure I know who is who. Some of them look very similar 🙂

This week’s photos I did outside – their first outside outing – they were a little nervous but mostly curious and so getting them to sit still was quite a challenge. I can see my days of getting headshots are numbered. 😛 HA! But that’s okay – there is a big world out here to explore. This week they will play in the yard properly for the first time. That will be a big adventure for them.

Gordon (he will wear a yellow collar outside)

Ming (he will wear a silver collar outside)

Bobby (he will wear a black collar outside)

Mario (he will wear a cream collar outside)

Carla (she will wear a purple collar outside)

Julia (she will wear a pink collar outside)

Elon (he will wear a light blue collar outside)

Doug (he will wear a navy blue collar outside)

Bob (he will wear a green collar outside)

Katherine (she will wear a red collar outside)

Dorothy (she will wear a orange collar outside)

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. I wont be making offers to any families till closer to 6-7 weeks when I can assess their structure and temperament, and decide which will be staying in my breeding program.

Please note for any new enquiries, that I have approximately a 12 month + wait time for puppies at this time.

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  1. Adorable !!! I’ve been sooo looking forward to this post with new pictures! Thank you 🙂

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