Puddin’s pups turn 2 weeks

Pudding’s babies are all thriving and growing like little weeds. They are all opening their eyes and toddling around the whelping pen. I can’t wait for the coming days/weeks as their personalities start to emerge.

Enjoy the latest pictures of these precious little ones.

Girl 1 – Faith

Boy 1 – Todd

Girl 2 – Bronte

Girl 3 – Suni

Girl 4 – Naomi

Boy 2 – Bolt

Boy 3 – Jagger

Girl 5 – Tiina

Thank you for all the interest in these pups. At this stage no pet pups are available from this litter.

The boys
The Girls

4 thoughts on “Puddin’s pups turn 2 weeks”

    1. I update my website constantly. All the information on my website is correct and current. If you would like to be considered for a puppy, please fill out a questionnaire on the puppy page.

      1. I am very interested today to purchase a toy (11′” or 13”)male beagle puppy to add to our animal family in Madrona where we are mature, settled physicians (in our current home x 20 yrs w/ no plans to move, love both dogs and cats, especially when they get along. I would like to come see your 8 week old male puppies today or tomorrow if possible. We plan to name him Darwin because my partner loves that association!! PLEASE call me ASAP @ MAIN CELL 206-650-1723, ALTERNATE IPHONE: 206-507-8205.

        1. Hi there. I don’t have any “toy” beagles – there is no such thing as that. At 8 weeks old, we can’t actually tell if a pup (especially a male) is going to be a 13 or 15. some of the smallest pups in the litter end up the biggest as adults, and vice versa. I have a current waitlist of 9-12 months for my puppies. So, if you want to apply you can via my puppy page. Reputable breeders all have waitlists right now. It is only Backyard breeders and puppy mills that dont. Have a wonderful day and best of luck

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