Rosie’s beagle pups are 2 weeks old

The beagle pups are thriving under Rosie’s care. She makes them want for nothing and it is such a pleasure to pick them up with have their full bellies and chubby legs and have them yawn with laziness and they have nothing to do but grow and sleep.

We had two start opening their eyes this week – Boy 1 and boy 4 – the others have tiny slits so we know it wont be long before we see their eyes too, but they are certianly in no hurry to grow up – maybe I should have named them after the “lost boys” from Peter Pan who never wanted to grow up. 😛 HAHA.

I am loving this unexpected blessing of raising these precious little souls. Their daddy Nick won Reserve Best In Show today on their 2 week birthday <3

Enjoy their latest pictures taken today. Please remember that no pet pups are available at this time as we are going to take our time assessing this litter very carefully and may end up growing several up. Thank you for your understanding.

Ruby – now 1b 2.06

Mick – now 1lb 3.8oz

Keith – 1lb 4.0oz

Ronnie – now 1lb 3.9oz

Charlie – now 2lb 1.2oz (yes he is a chunk)