Rosie & Nick’s beagle babies turn 1 week

Rosie and Nick’s 5 sweet beagle babies are growing well – they are healthy and strong and chubby. Rosie is a wonderful momma – she keeps them immaculate and clean and very well fed.

I have decided to call this litter after the Rolling Stones. Our family have been enjoying some of their old school tunes lately and it seemed fitting. These will just be their temporary blog names – we will name them properly later when we decide who our “keeper/s” are. But for now, enjoy the “Rolling Stones”.

Ruby – after Ruby Tuesday. Was 7.27oz, now 12.91oz

Mick – after Mick Jagger – was 7.7oz, now 15.03oz

Keith – after Keith Richards – was 8.64oz now 14.96oz

Ronnie – after Ronnie Wood – was 8.27oz, now 14.36oz

Charlie – after Charlie Watts – was 10.97, now 20.95oz (or 1lb 4.95oz)

Thank you for your interest in these puppies but at this time we are not promising any pet pups – we are waiting to see what they look like and we will decide closer to 7 weeks or so depending on their structure and movement. we thank you for your patience and understanding.