Brie welcomes her new babies into the world

Brie (Hailstorm’s Allouette) usually lives with Mike and Karen in Tennessee, but with Karen having surgery they asked if she could whelp here in WA. She is a maiden at 6 years old and was bred by them, but of course I am happy to help out. She is closely related to my dogs and Emmy’s BFF so they will be “sister moms” together whelping so closely.

This is the pedigree of the litter for those interested:

She went into labor late Monday night and then labored Tuesday. It wasn’t till Tuesday evening that we really started to see things start to transition. She started to squat to pee a lot so we knew the sensation of pressure was starting to get more intense in the evening and so we kept her isolated and away from the other dogs

Her first baby was born at 10:45. A big bonnie boy – he got a little stuck but we got it out. He was 9.28oz

Just over an hour later, she started to push again.

I was delighted to see our blue streak had been broken with a girl – 9.49oz

We then had a big gap. Brie was relaxed. I took her to go bathroom, and she pottied and she settled in with her 2 babies. Occasionally she would get up and move around but it felt more like she was moving a baby down than pushing. I kept checking on the dopplar and heartbeats were a steady 220ish so that was good. It took everything inside me not to be panicking that something was wrong. Around 4am she starting pushing again. Brie pushed out a giant girl – 10.97oz – this one was a dry birth making it extra hard and so i had to help her a lot. The poor baby had a purple face for quite a while. But she was okay.

Our last baby was another girl, born just before 5am. She was 8.78oz. Her birth was textbook and easy and I was grateful.

Brie has settled into motherhood beautifully. She fiercely loves her babies and cleans them and cuddles them. I am grateful.

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