Emmy & Brie’s beagle pups at a few days old

I just wanted to take some nicer photos of the pups -so enjoy them <3

Emmy x Nicks babies – I went with a famous “twin” theme – Benji & Joel Madden from “Good Charlotte”.

Boy 1 – Benji

Boy 2 – Joel


Brie x Nicks babies – Since they were born on “May 4th”, I went with names of Star Wars characters.

Boy 1: Now known as Solo (as the only boy)

Girl 1: Now known as Padmé

Girl 2: Now known as Sabé

Girl 3: Now known as Dormé

4 thoughts on “Emmy & Brie’s beagle pups at a few days old”

  1. Oh my goodness, could they be any more perfect!! Happy Mothers day to Emmy and Brie!!! Congratulations!

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