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Cavalier puppies turn 9 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle

These not so little cavaliers have stolen our hearts – they are so friendly and sweet with a healthy dose of puppy mixed in.  It is hard to believe that they are almost ready to go to their forever homes soon.

We call them little oreos this week – we have been binding their tummies to try and encourage their belly button hernias to close. While not a problem, cosmetically it would be nice to have them closed up.  🙂


cavalier puppy 9 weeks-3 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-4 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-7 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-11 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-34 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-39 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-53 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-89 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-109 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-117 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-124 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-197 Albuscavalier puppy 9 weeks-200 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-207 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-237 Teddy cavalier puppy 9 weeks-248 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-251 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-264  Siriuscavalier puppy 9 weeks-266 cavalier puppy 9 weeks-279

Cavalier puppies turn 8 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle

The cavalier puppies are 8 weeks so it is time for evaluations – to get a better idea we took headshots, side profiles and stacked pictures (both wet and dry) to see toplines and angles.

We are very pleased with all 3 boys.  we have our eye on which one we might grow up for a few months as a show hopeful.  We actually hope more than one will end up in a show home.

Next evaluation will be done in 2 weeks time at 10 weeks.  Which one do you like best? 🙂

8 weeks cavalier albus 8 weeks Sirius 8 weeks teddy 8 weeks

Cavalier King Charles Puppies are 6 weeks

This weeks, Arrow’s co-owner Alisha, from Lockestar Cavaliers came over to look the boys over.  So far she (and I) are very excited about how these boys are turning out.  Whether they end up in the show ring or as a family pet, they will be beautiful dogs.

We took them outside for a play – here are some of the highlights.

Sirius Teddy Albus2 Sirius IMG_0358 Albus woodchip Teddy sit IMG_0553 IMG_0617 IMG_0854 Sirius walking Albus sit2

taken in my yard in Woodinville, WA

Cavalier King Charles puppies turn 5 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle WA

Our cavalier king charles puppies are growing like weeds – they are now 5 weeks old so very mobile and starting to get into mischief.  They are eating solids although not in any kind of rush to wean off momma Arrow.

Teddy has the biggest personalty – he is an explorer and loves nothing more than to tussle and growl.  Sirius is a snuggler and a little bit of a mommas boy – he is our gentle giant.  Albus is our observer taking it all in before getting in on the action.  He got a cold last week which was a little scary but is doing great again – thank Heavens!

This week we will take them outdoors for some time on the grass – it will be fun to see them explore somewhere new and gather some different sensory experiences.  we will also set up the play space now that they are interacting with their environment more.

cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-21 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-2 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-3Teddy

cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-4 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-7


cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-8 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-9 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-12


cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-15 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-17 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-18 cavalier puppy seattle 5 weeks-20

Teddy, Albus & Sirius

(PS while Albus is smaller, he is not as much as the picture shows – it is a little deceptive with him lying down as the other two are sitting 🙂 )

Cavalier King Charles puppies turn 3 weeks ~ AKC Woodinville Seattle WA

I apologize for not posting any 2 week pictures.  We were away last week and so I was not able to do them.

The babies are growing growing – they are starting to get mobile and explore the puppy pen.  Their current weights are:

Teddy – 1 lb 8.6oz

Albus – 1 lb 7.0oz

Sirius – 1 lb 8.4oz

Enjoy their adorableness 🙂

cavalier puppies 3 weeks-21 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-1 Teddycavalier puppies 3 weeks-2 Teddy side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-5 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-6 Teddy, Albus, Siriuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-7 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-8 Albus side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-10 Albuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-11 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-13 Siriuscavalier puppies 3 weeks-14 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-15 Sirius side profilecavalier puppies 3 weeks-16 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-17 Albus, Sirius, Teddycavalier puppies 3 weeks-19 cavalier puppies 3 weeks-20

Cavalier Puppies are 1 week ~ Akc woodinville seattle

The Cavalier King Charles Puppies are 1 week today – They are thriving under Arrow’s loving care.  She is proving to be an amazing momma.

They now have names – Brianna has temporarily named them after Harry Potter characters “Albus”, “Sirius” & “Teddy”.

Their current weights are

Albus – 10.54 oz

Sirus – 10.58

Teddy – 10.53

cavalier puppy 1week-1 cavalier puppy 1week-2 Albus sidecavalier puppy 1week-3 Albus frontcavalier puppy 1week-4 cavalier puppy 1week-5 cavalier puppy 1week-6 cavalier puppy 1week-7 cavalier puppy 1week-8 cavalier puppy 1week-9 Sirius sidecavalier puppy 1week-10 Sirius frontcavalier puppy 1week-11 Teddy frontcavalier puppy 1week-12 Teddy sidecavalier puppy 1week-13 cavalier puppy 1week-15 cavalier puppy 1week-16 cavalier puppy 1week-17 cavalier puppy 1week-20 cavalier puppy 1week-21 cavalier puppy 1week-22 cavalier puppy 1week-23 cavalier puppy 1week-24 cavalier puppy 1week-25 cavalier puppy 1week-26 cavalier puppy 1week-27

Cavalier King Charles Puppies are here!

Arrow had her puppies today!!  It all happened rather fast with her temperature dropping last night and then starting labor about 7:45am and the first baby arriving shortly after.

Unfortunately, the first delivery, while it went smoothly, Arrow whelped a puppy girl that presented with some development issues – we rushed her and Arrow to the vet but she could unfortunately not be saved.   The vet assured us that we didn’t do anything wrong and that the placement of her egg/placenta probably didn’t allow her the right amount of nutrients to grow properly.   We will forever be grateful to the team at Companion Vet clinic in Snohomish for the care and support they gave to us.

While upset, Brianna was a trooper and held her as she passed, and we named her “Cherry” as we will bury her under a cherry tree later today.

Arrow started to push again, and within the next hour, she gave birth to 3 healthy baby boys.

Momma and the 3 boys are doing great – Arrow has taken to her new role as momma with enthusiasm – its hard to convince her to eat or go potty – luckily she is only 12 lbs and so easy to carry outside for a quick break.

we will provide updates as they grow – we are already so smitten 🙂

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Cavalier puppies ~ they are nearly here

This morning we got Arrow’s xray done to know how many babies to expect on the big day.  I don’t like to leave it to chance incase something goes wrong.

So, we confirmed Arrow is expecting 4 today.  Now the waiting game begins 🙂

A normal average gestation for dogs is 63 days after ovulation.  I have heard that Cavaliers tend to give birth between day 58-60 so that would be early next week.  I’ll of course keep you posted

arrow side view

Beagle puppies are 9 weeks ~ AKC woodinville seattle

This will be my final weekly post about Maddy’s beagle litter.  Two of the puppies are going to their forever companion homes this weekend which is bittersweet.

This week, we are puppysitting for a dear friend as they experienced a death in the family.  She has 4 puppies too and they are about 10 days older than our litter.  Needless to say, the house has been full of rough play, chewing and games of chase.  I am not sure who is having more fun?  Even Maddy likes to get in the middle of the fun.

Enjoy the latest puppy pictures – I wonder who can tell who are ours?  even I have to do a double take at times – ha!

beagle puppy 9 wks-1 beagle puppy 9 wks-2 beagle puppy 9 wks-3 beagle puppy 9 wks-4 beagle puppy 9 wks-5 beagle puppy 9 wks-6 beagle puppy 9 wks-7 beagle puppy 9 wks-8 beagle puppy 9 wks-10 beagle puppy 9 wks-11 beagle puppy 9 wks-13 beagle puppy 9 wks-14 beagle puppy 9 wks-15 beagle puppy 9 wks-16 beagle puppy 9 wks-18 beagle puppy 9 wks-19 beagle puppy 9 wks-20 beagle puppy 9 wks-21 beagle puppy 9 wks-23 beagle puppy 9 wks-24 beagle puppy 9 wks-26 beagle puppy 9 wks-27 beagle puppy 9 wks-29 beagle puppy 9 wks-30 beagle puppy 9 wks-31 beagle puppy 9 wks-32 beagle puppy 9 wks-34 beagle puppy 9 wks-36 beagle puppy 9 wks-37 beagle puppy 9 wks-38 beagle puppy 9 wks-39

Mia comes to visit

Mia lives most of the year in California with her co-owners Mike and Karen.  They travel showing Maddy and Mia’s littermate Diesel (current USA #1 beagle for 2016) and they are trying to get Mia’s final points for her CH title – sometimes its hard to find those major points.  They were up at the Puyallup shows here in Washington this weekend and so Mia got to come and stay.

Not all littermates get along, but Mia and Maddy love each other – she fits in so well with our pack.  The puppies have loved playing with their aunt.   Its been so fun to have her for a few days.  I cant wait till her CH title is finished so we can have her back here full time.

mia-15 mia visitng-1 mia visitng-2 mia visitng-3 mia visitng-4 mia visitng-6 mia visitng-7 mia visitng-8 mia-11 mia-12