Puppy playtime in the yard

It was a lovely afternoon so I decided to let the beagle puppies play in the backyard with the big dogs. They confidently ran around smelling all the new smells and exploring the new spots in the yard. We have almost an acre so it could be intimidating for tiny pups, but I was so happy to see that they happy out there. It probably helped that their mommies were out there too.

These are the colors of collars they have on, so in the photos you know who is who: (Maddy x Buddy) – Gordon – Yellow, Ming – Silver, Bobby – Black, Mario – Cream, Carla – Purple, Julia – Pink. (Vixen x BJ) Elon – Light Blue, Doug – Navy Blue, Bob – Green, Katherine – Red, Dorothy – Orange.

Thank you for your interest in my breeding program. I wont be making offers to any families till closer to 6-7 weeks when I can assess their structure and temperament, and decide which will be staying in my breeding program.

Please note for any new enquiries, that I have approximately a 12-18 month + wait time for puppies at this time.

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