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Puppy playtime in the Yard

Anytime there is a break in the rain, and it isn’t too cold, we pop the pups outside for a little playtime. The pack loves playing with them too – our son’s 6 month old Golden Shirley is in love with the babies and loves to wrestle with them. For the most part she is very gentle but we stay very close by, just in case.

Grandma Madison and Momma Rosie love to get in the action too. 🙂 Both are wonderful matriachs and teachers of fun and healthy boundaries.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the babies in our gardens tonight – by the time I had finished taking photos, it was getting a little dark (thanks Winter 🙂 ), but you still get the idea.

Puddin’s beagle pups are 6 weeks

The weather is thankfully still warm so we have started having daily playtimes outside. The pack loves spending time with them – especially my son’s 13 week old golden Shirley. She adores them and is surprisingly gentle with them.

This week I decided not to do individual photos, but to let you enjoy some pictures of the babies playing in our big back yard yard, and the smaller puppy yard (we have a special small yard if they will be unattended, since we have hawks and eagles, so it’s safer there).

Enjoy – they are at such a fun age 🙂

*Please note that none of these puppies are available at this time. Thank you for understanding. *