Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at Kazuri!

Truman and Maddi, two of our show hopefuls for the 2019/20 show season wish you a very Merry Christmas also. <3

Blessings and love to you and your family

xo Sarah xo

New CH Vixen

What an amazing finish to 2018!

Miss Vixen is now “CH Hailstorms Feeling a little Foxy at Kazuri”. She was whelped on Christmas eve two years ago with her co-breeder and co-owners Mike and Karen Kurtzner and we couldn’t be prouder of this little girl.

She finished in style with her 3rd major – her second 5 point major actually, under lovely judge Mr John Wade.

My good friend Sarah Yates showed her at the Greater Clark County Kennel Club in Vancouver WA as I was up in Vancouver BC at a family Christmas event, and I was so thrilled they were able to finish as a team together.

Thank you to all the judges who recognized our little girl. Her next job will hopefully be to show us what she can do in the whelping box sometime in 2019.

This is Kazuri’s 4th Beagle CH for 2018.

What a year!

New CH River!

Kazuri beagles had a wonderful weekend at the Stockton shows in California.

I am proud to announce that River is now CH Kazuri’s River of Dreams. He won Winners Dog/Best of Winners under lovely judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard on Friday.

Then this morning he was Winners Dog/Best of Winners under Mr Charles L. Olvis. Both wins got him 2 points towards his CH.

River’s biggest win of the weekend was at the Stockton Beagle Specialty though on Sunday morning, where he took Winners Dog from a beautiful line up of Bred By Exhibiter dogs, as well as the rest of the entries for a 5 point major. This was under esteemed breeder judge Mrs Karen A. Ropp. He also went on to win Best Bred By Exhibiter in Show.

All of his points have been from the Bred By class. I couldn’t be prouder! Thank you to Mike Kurtzner and Karen Kurtzner who co-bred and co-own this fun boy and always present him so beautifully.

New CH Emmy!

Kazuri beagles had a great start to the Stockton shows in California. I am proud to announce that Emmy is now CH Kazuri’s Dreaming of an Emmy. She won Winners Bitch for 2 points finally finishing her title. She just needed 1 single to finish. I couldn’t be prouder especially since it was only 9 weeks after she had puppies!

Thank you to Mike Kurtzner and Karen Kurtzner who co-bred and co-own this sweet girl and presented her so beautifully.

(This photo was not from this show – unfortunately her win shot did not turn out)

Sirius becomes a daddy

We are so excited to announce the safe arrival of our boy CH LockeStar ‘Cause I’m Up To No Good, CGCA TKN – Sirius’ first litter of 3 girls! We just love this boy to bits and wish the breeder of his litter well (she dosnt want to be announced publicly at this time). We can’t wait to watch how they grow!

Sirius is fully health tested including his CHIC, he is clear for CC/DE and EF, and is MRI scanned. Although he carries the “Lockestar” Affix, he was bred by myself Sarah Wilson Sweetman, Alisha Lockleer and is owned by us alongside Susan Lockleer.

New CH Leo!

I am pleased to announce that Leo is now CH Kazuri’s Hear Me Roar. He decided to be an overachiever, getting a 3rd major for himself, and going Best of Winners on Saturday under judge William Sahloff.

A huge thank you to Tammie John Sommerson-Wilcox who showed him when I couldn’t be there and to Alisha Lockleer and Susan Lockleer for being my transport.

I also want to thank the Portolese family for being such incredible owners of Leo – you have done a great job training him and providing a loving home for him, but still let me show him. I appreciate all of your support so much.

Emmy and Victoria’s puppies

We didnt make an official announcement about these litters since our waitlist is so full already.   Mike and Karen raised them in California and then we met up to grade the litters, and then I brought the companions home to get to know them before they are going to their new homes.  🙂

**Please note these puppies are all sold – this post was not intended as a sale notice.  I just wanted to let you know what was going on with Kazuri**

On 9/1/2018 Victoria and Slushy welcomed 3 beautiful girls into the world.  We are keeping one to show.  I will announce her later on.  🙂    These are the two sweet babies that are being sold as amazing companions.

Cinnamon: Sweet, cuddly, but also super confident.  (red & white) Girl

Cocoa: Cuddly, pretty quiet but still social, going to be a bigger girl (15 inch)


Emmy and Lee also welcomed a litter on 9/8/2018 – 5 boys and a girl.  We are growing up two males to potentially show.

Berry: Special miracle of a girl – overcome the odds to be able to use her left foot – best for a family who dont hike a lot. Will be smaller – maybe a 13. Sweet and cuddly

Fudge: Happy, social & wants a cuddle before playing again – BOY

Pepper: Sweet and active, loves to kiss your face off and play games galore. He  is a large personality is a little package – BOY

Mac: Quieter boy, snuggly with a more “cruisy” attitude but happy to be where ever you are.

Cavalier puppies are 7 weeks old

The cavalier puppies are thriving – they are playful and fun, eating like perfect little monsters three times a day and snuggling up a storm whenever they find a warm lap that will accommodate them. They are definitely cavaliers 🙂

They love playing outdoors and we got outside in between the rain showers this week.  I think they must be teething a little as the acorns outside took quite a beating with their tiny dinosaur teethies. 🙂  Better than my fingers i guess. 🙂

My breeding partners, Susan and Alisha from Lockestar cavaliers did an initial grading this week to see who might be staying at Kazuri/Lockestar for showing.  It is going to be a hard choice we can tell.  We will do our final grading on the 30th when they are 8 weeks, along with Mia from Zelosia Cavaliers (owner of the stud we used on Arrow’s litter).  Stay tuned 🙂

Till then, enjoy the latest pictures of the babies.  They are growing up.  Dont mind their crazy hair – they had just eaten lunch so we hadn’t cleaned them up before having a play time.  Can you tell who is who still?

  Victor Ava Benji Pip Mistletoe   Minnie Pumpkin Jazz   Nemo

The cavalier puppies are 6 weeks

The cavalier pups are 6 weeks old.

First of all, I need to apologize for the obnoxious watermark across the images.  I found my images have been stolen and so I need to come up with a new way to deter people from taking them.  I’m not sure this is it…but its a work in progress…  So sorry…

Anyway, on to happier things.   The babies are too busy for photos now – they just want to play and jump and explore. And who could blame them – there is a giant world out there after all.

Their play pen now has a tunnel and a teeter board.  They are getting fairly proficient at using the litter box.  They come when I call “puppy” and their tails wag like little propellers.

Their personalities are definitely emerging.  We have a couple who are more bold and a few who are quieter.  But all are love bugs just as cavaliers should be.  <3  how we are ever going to let them go, I dont know.

The cavalier puppies turn 5 weeks and venture outdoors

For their 5 week anniversary, we gave the cavalier puppies a trip to the great outdoors  (ie our yard)  🙂   They were not really sure what to make of it and really just chewed on the plants around them. But, there wasn’t too much squeaking so I will call that a win for a positive experience 🙂

In fact a couple of them even fell asleep – I could tell they were super stressed by the whole thing – HA! Not 🙂

Everyone is thriving and happy.

Enjoy the new pictures  xo

Nemo – now 1lb 15oz

Ava – now 2 lb 3.4 oz

Jazz – now 1 lb 14.8oz

Benji – now 2lb 3.8oz

Mistletoe – now 2lb 1.8oz

Pip – now 1lb 6.8oz

Pumpkin – 1lb 10.4oz

Minnie – now 2 lb 1.7oz

Victor – 1lb 15oz