Arrow’s puppies are 2 weeks

Arrow’s little cavalier puppies are 2 weeks old today. They have all started to open their eyes which means they have all started to mobilize. Like fat little sausages, they wobble across the whelping box to find where ever Arrow is sleeping if they decide that they are hungry. I guess that means its almost time to bring out the potty mats. 🙂

Miss Prada – tiny but mighty at 11.82oz

Miss Burberry – now 15.03oz

Miss Chanel is now 18.91oz (or 1 lb 2.91oz)

And then finally Mr Virgil is 16.20 oz (or 1lb 2oz)

Please note that we are a small, family hobby cavalier king Charles spaniel breeder here in Woodinville which is just north of Seattle, Washington. We have a network of other breeders that we are connected to, so if we dont have a puppy for you, we would be happy to connect you to someone else who might have a perfect furry companion for you.

Arrows pups are a week old

Arrow’s puppies are doing great. They are all fat and healthy. Their coats are glossy and their bodies are getting stronger. We are loving our daily snuggles with them. The time already seems to be flying by way too quickly.

Miss Prada – she is now 7.62oz

Miss Burberry is now 10.48oz

Miss Chanel is 10.72 oz

And Mr Virgil is 10.37oz

We weigh them twice a day to make sure that they are gaining weight. If they lost weight in a 12 hour period, I would intervene by supplementing to make sure that they dont fall behind. So far, all seems to be going well, and they are eating well, and growing just like they should be. <3

New cavalier babies ~ Paris x James

We are excited to announce the arrival of Paris and James’ litter – they arrived safe and sound on Sunday morning. Everyone is healthy and strong. This litter was whelped and will be raised by my breeding partner Alisha from Lockestar cavaliers. So, there may not be as many regular photo updates – unless I visit 🙂

First came a little Blenheim girl. She was 5.9oz.

Next came a little Blenheim male. He was 7.5oz.

Next we got a tri boy. He was 5.9oz

Then we got a little Blenheim girl who was 5.9oz

Then we got another tri – this time another boy – 7.4oz

And then lastly a little tri girl – 5.8oz

Our perfect set of 6 – 3 boys and 3 girls. 2 Blenheim girls, 1 Blenheim boy, 1 tri girl and 2 tri boys. All puppies are spoken for at this stage.

New cavalier puppies

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of 4 beautiful puppies from Arrow and Journey.

In the small hours, Arrow had her babies. All are doing well and we are so thankful.

First the smallest black and tan girl puppy was born at 3am. The kids have called her “Prada”. At birth she was 5.64 oz.

Next we had a time gap of almost 2 hours before the arrival of a big ruby girl. She was 7.16oz. Her nickname is “Burberry”

Almost an hour later, another black and tan girl arrived – bigger than the other one at 7.97oz. Her nickname is “Chanel”

And our final puppy arrival 20 mins later – a black and tan boy. 6.67oz. His nickname is “Virgil” (after the creator of “Off White”)

At this stage all of these puppies are spoken for.

Two cute brothers

I just wanted to post a photo of these two cute black and tan cavalier brothers as they waited to get ready for the dog shows in Albany.

Truman is attending his first dog show now that he is 6 months – we just hope he doesn’t wiggle too much on the table and isn’t scared walking around the ring. Our goal is for him to have fun out there. Truman is the son of Arrow and Blake (CH Orchard Hill True Enough).

Sirius is so close to finishing his Grand CH title. We are hoping this weekend might be it. 🙂 He is the son of Arrow and Loki (CH Embee’s Mischief Mismanaged)

Top 10 Beagle “Dam of the year”

I am thrilled to announce that the Show Beagle Quarterly came out today and Madison (aka CH Foxtail’s Dreaming of the Race) was part of the 2018 top 10 dams of the year in beagles. She made the list with some other beautiful bitches in our breed so I am very proud of my precious girl.

Maybe this year she will give me a final litter of puppies? 🙂 What do you think?

Sirius gets OH Group 3

Our first dog show for the year.

The Albany Dog shows started with a Bang with Sirius getting Select Dog, Best Of Breed Owner Handler and then Owner Handler Group 3. Thank you to judge Mrs Eva E Berg in breed and judge Mrs. Karen J Scholz in OH Group.

He just has a couple of points to finish his grand CH title – will it be this weekend? I guess we will find out 🙂

Well done Sirius and Alisha!

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at Kazuri!

Truman and Maddi, two of our show hopefuls for the 2019/20 show season wish you a very Merry Christmas also. <3

Blessings and love to you and your family

xo Sarah xo

New CH Vixen

What an amazing finish to 2018!

Miss Vixen is now “CH Hailstorms Feeling a little Foxy at Kazuri”. She was whelped on Christmas eve two years ago with her co-breeder and co-owners Mike and Karen Kurtzner and we couldn’t be prouder of this little girl.

She finished in style with her 3rd major – her second 5 point major actually, under lovely judge Mr John Wade.

My good friend Sarah Yates showed her at the Greater Clark County Kennel Club in Vancouver WA as I was up in Vancouver BC at a family Christmas event, and I was so thrilled they were able to finish as a team together.

Thank you to all the judges who recognized our little girl. Her next job will hopefully be to show us what she can do in the whelping box sometime in 2019.

This is Kazuri’s 4th Beagle CH for 2018.

What a year!