Kiss’s puppies are 2 weeks today

I am not going to lie. It has been a long 2 weeks. I have never had such low lows in all of my breeding. I have heard of this happening to other people, but have only experienced losing puppies at birth. I have never (till now) lost a puppy once they were older than a day.

I lost puppy boy #1 on day 3 – I put it down to maybe he had something congenital and was weak and everyone else was fine. But on day 9, puppy boy #3 (named George) started crashing. I tube fed him, kept him warm, had him in the oxygen tank but he kept getting weaker and weaker. He showed signs of respiratory distress so we suspected pneumonia and I instantly regretted not putting the whole litter on clavamox after the first puppy died. Unfortunately, while we fought the good fight, he kept getting weaker, and passed away also. I of course, now put everyone else on clavamox. But it takes about 48 hours to kick in. Not quick enough for little George.

On day 10, the smallest girl (Peggy) started to show signs of dehydration and being weak and raspy breathing – the early signs the boys had shown. I instantly went to work on her. I also managed to get some amazing advice from some experienced cavalier breeders of a medicine they put in a nebulizer to help with respiratory illness. At this point I had nothing to lose. I drove to Kent late at night to get a smaller oxygen tank and the meds. Within hours of the first treatment her breathing had already gotten easier – I couldn’t believe it! I continued to tube feed her around the clock every 2 hours for 2 nights and then weaned her off them oxygen. And when the other little girl (Eliza) got weak, I gave her the same treatment and the results were the same – an instant turnaround.

Here we are on day 14. It feels like a milestone that I dont normally celebrate this much, but I am elated. All the babies are off oxygen, with mama full time. They have all doubled their birth weight – in fact some are close to tripling it.

Here are my little lovies. <3 Their eyes are all opening and they are beginning to explore their world.





Aaron Burr

I dont know who might be available from this litter yet. I will be evaluating them closer to 7/8 weeks and will contact families around then. Thank you for understanding and your patience. I appreciate it very much.

Paris’s puppies are 1 week today

It has been quite a week. we were absolutely gutted on Wednesday night when we lost our littlest guy 🙁 But thankfully the other six are strong and healthy and growing like little flowers.

We decided that their blog names should follow “Hamilton” – it is one of our favorite plays and since they were born on “President’s day” it seemed only fitting.

So, introducing: Our 3 girls <3




And the boys <3

Hamilton (Hammy)



I dont know if any of these puppies are available at this stage. Offers will be made as soon as I know – probably closer to 7-8 weeks. Thank you for understanding.

Kiss and Denny’s Puppies arrived

With every birth I learn something new. Usually I start taking the dam’s temperature about 4/5 days before she is due to watch for a significant drop which tells me she is 24hours from starting labor. This happened on Thursday morning (the 13th Feb). I got up every 2 hours through the night to check on her for 4 nights – she started labor on Sunday night around 11:30, and puppies started arriving around 10am on Monday morning. Someone once told me “they don’t read the rulebook” – and that was certainly true for this. But I am glad she was able to have them safe and sound at home rather than go in for the planned C-section which is what we would have done Monday afternoon.

Baby #1 was born at 9:58 – a boy – 5.1oz.

Baby #2 was a girl, born at 11:12 – 6.3oz.

Baby #3 was a boy born at 12:03 and he was 6.5oz.

Baby #4 was another boy born at 12:49 and 5.7oz.

Baby #5 was 6.6oz and was a girl born at 2:23.

Baby #6 was born at 3.52 – another girl 6.7oz.

Our final baby was a boy born at 4:14 weighing 7.6oz.

Mom and babies are all vigorous and doing well. I am not sure who is available at this stage and will start contacting families as soon as I do 🙂 Thank you.

EDIT: On Wednesday night, one of the little boys started to crash and we couldn’t save him and he gained his angel wings. This is the heartbreaking side of breeding. One that cant be avoided, but death is part of life. He was loved and treasured and cuddled right till the end. <3

Emmy’s babies are growing

Karen sent me a couple of cute pictures of the chubby babies this morning so I couldn’t help but share them. They are clearly thriving under Emmy and the Kurtzner’s wonderful care. I am so very thankful.

Once again, I dont know if any of these puppies are available. I will contact families as soon as I know. We will not know until they are closer to 7-8 weeks and we can assess their conformation. Thank you for understanding.

We welcome Emmy’s Beagle Puppies

My co-breeder’s ( who live in Sacramento) and I are proud to announce that Emmy’s litter arrived safe and sound. This litter is particularly special as it was conceived with 22 year old frozen semen from a dog that passed away many years ago – Ben – BIS BISS Kahootz Chase Manhattan. I am amazed at how technology can help us preserve DNA these days. Ben is a very well known dog in the beagle world and I am proud to be able to bring this old pedigree back into my pedigree and all that Ben has to offer.

Baby 1 was a Girl – 7.4 oz
Baby 2 was another girl – 8.1oz
Baby #3 was a little boy – 7.7oz
Baby #4 was another boy – 8.2oz
Baby #5 was another girl – 8.8oz
Baby #6 was another boy – 10.3oz
We got a surprise 7th baby – a huge girl weighing an even 11oz

We had thought she was just having 6, so she surprised us with a bonus #7 🙂 4 girls and 3 boys 🙂 Nice job Ben and Emmy <3 Mom and babies are all doing well. Emmy is a wonderful mother and the report is that the puppies are all vigorous and strong. I am so thankful.

At this stage I have no idea if any of these puppies will be available – we are going to take our time with this litter since the bloodline is one we have waited so long for. Thank you for understanding.

Breeder of Merit

I found out this week that I have been accepted into the American Kennel Club “Breeder Of Merit” program for beagles.

This means that I do all the necessary health testing for our breed, as well as uphold the standard for breeding and ethics. It also means that I have been working hard to get all my puppies registered.

I will be hopefully getting my cavalier BOM as soon as I get a couple more CH’s under my belt in cavaliers.

Sirius is a New Canadian CH

I cant believe I didn’t post about this (Sorry Sirius!!).

We (and by we, I mean co-owner Susan) took Sirius up to Canada since he only needed a couple of points to finish his Canadian title. we figured it was about time. And of course he made us proud by getting it in style <3

Way to go buddy. Your titles are as long as your name – showing that you are not just a pretty face <3

AM GCH CAN CH Lockestar ‘Cause I’M Up To No Good RATM CGCA CGCU TKN

Truman Takes BOW in his first show with KoLaci

Through a series of events, Truman has gone to live with the wonderful Kim Legerretta and her mom Sue Gray from KoLaci Cavaliers. He will be part of her pack, and breeding program and maybe just maybe finish his CH title down there (he already has 8 points including a 5 point major).

While on one hand it was a difficult decision to have our sweet little man move to California, we really respect Kim’s breeding program and how she treats her dogs and so from that respect the decision was easy.

Truman has slotted in quickly, and made himself right at home. I love that about his temperament and how Kim’s home is so similar to ours.

Well, we got amazing news this weekend.
In his first show he went BOW with Sue at the end of his leash, at Yuma AZ , under one of my favorite judges Mrs Pat Trotter! Wahoo!

Maddy’s pups are 8 weeks & Vixen’s pups are 11 weeks

The puppies are growing about as quickly as the temperatures are dropping – fall in the PNW is certainly here. The puppies dont seem to notice though as they play in the yard and enjoy being outside each day.

My poor plants are squashed and flattened by all the games of catch and tag that happen over them, but I cant even be mad with how cute they all are.

I cant help but think this is the final time Maddy’s 5 will be together before Bepper (now Ella), Api (now Bradley) and Gelly (now Poppy) will be going to their new homes.

The homes that Cottonz and Wistor had lined up, have fallen through.

However, I am looking for guardian homes for them. This means that the couple or family will co-own with me and allow me to show the dog to CH title (at my expense) and one day she will have a litter of puppies before being spayed. They are not available as just pets. If you think you are interested in meeting me and talking about this kind of partnership/relationship, please feel free to email me.

Madison’s pups are 7 weeks & Vixen’s pups are 10 weeks

We are lucky to have Eve (now named Echo by her new family) for a few more days. She goes home to her new family on Friday. Then we will just have Nick and Noelle left from Vixen’s litter. Nick will be staying till he is big enough to fly down to California to live with co-breeders Mike and Karen Kurtzner where he will be spoiled before starting his show career. Noelle’s owners will come and get her on the 26th October. After having them here so long, it will be hard to say goodbye. But they have amazing homes and will be so very loved and so that makes the transition sweeter.

Madison’s litter just turned 7 weeks – they are almost ready to go home to their new families. Bepper is now named “Ella” and will be going to live with the McHenry family where she will be the little sister of another Kazuri beagle “Sullivan”. Api doesn’t have a new name yet, but he will be going to the Cassidy home where he will be loved dearly. And Gelly will be going to live in Canby OR – her new name is “Poppy” and she will be little sister to a sweet daschund and live with the Reaney family. Wistor has a family that is deciding on her right now. I hope to know soon if they will take her or not.. She will be shown in conformation. Miss Cottonz is being looked at closer as a show prospect. I would love to talk to families who would be willing to have her in their home as a pet, but also let me show her and one day have a litter before retirement. This is called a special relationship called a “guardianship”. If you want to know more about it, please contact me

Enjoy the latest pictures of the puppies enjoying the yard before the rains set in. <3