The cavalier puppies are 6 weeks old

Oh my gosh – how did we get to halfway? These little babies are tiny dogs for sure. They are eating 3 full meals a day and are playing and pretend to be tough (but not really – haha). We are giving them more simulation with the tiny stairwell and balance ball and they are tackling them with enthusiasm. We are seeing their personalities emerging.

I took them to my photography studio this week for my favorite portrait shots of each litter in my blue armchair. I just love the way they look against the deep hue. The photos where they look a little unsure, it is only because they wanted to be on my lap instead of the chair.

*please note these babies are still not available at this time*

Archie – he is our most outgoing – always up for a new adventure and definitely leaps before he looks. But make no mistake, he also wants to cuddle up and snuggle on your lap.

Victoria – she is our most shy. Once she has observed and tried something she is all in. But she would rather wait and watch and figure things out first. She is sweet and loving and a little more laid back.

Fergie – She is sweet with a lot of spice. She is almost as outgoing as her brother. She loves to be nosy and know exactly what is going on at all times. We laugh that she has FOMO.

Kate – She is somewhere in the middle of all her siblings – not the most outgoing but not shy. She loves to play and loves to snuggle. Always quick to come when we call “puppy” and always finishes her own bowl of food and others. 🙂 This girl can eat 🙂

Echo finishes her CH title

I am thrilled to announce Kazuri’s third homebred beagle Champion for 2021 is Kazuri’s Feeling The Siren’s Call (aka Echo).

At the Nisqually Kennel Club in Elma WA, she went WB/BOW yesterday under judge Mr Hal T. Beirmann. Today she went WB/BW/BOS under judge Ms Robin K Riel. Thank you to these judges for finding our girl this weekend.

I am so thankful to Tammie Wilcox for showing her when I had to work. Echo is Nick’s littermate as due to COVID was shown only a few weekends. I am very proud of her finishing today.

Now, she will work on other titles like Rally and perhaps some obedience or even agility titles. We also hope she will prove herself in the whelping box when the time is right too.

The beagle babies are 2 weeks old

Allie is doing a wonderful job raising her beagle puppies. Almost too well. They are chubby and well fed and all they want to do is eat and sleep. They really don’t want to do anything else. HA! They all have their eyes open and I see we might have some convincing to do that there is a world out here ready for them to explore. I think they feel their bed is way to cozy and warm for now.

Enjoy the pictures. They are really head shots as all they wanted to do was curl up – so funny.

**please note none of these pups are available at this time**

Miss P





OFA Excellence

Anyone who knows me, knows health testing is important to me and my breeding program.

I woke up to great news this morning that two of my cavalier girls have OFA HIP scores of “Excellent”. And that is a hard score for cavaliers to get so I am over the moon to get it.

Nellie (Kazuri’s Notorious Nellie) and Phoenix (Kazuri’s On the Wings Of Love TKN) are both out of my foundation girl Arrow (Lockestar Lovestruck CGC).

Nellie is sired by Blake (GCH Orchard Hill True Enough) owned by Mia Lawson and Phoenix is sired by Journey (CH Brookhaven Don’t Stop Believing) owned by Kathi Ogle.

I am forever grateful to these breeders for allowing me to use their studs and furthering my breeding program one generation at a time. These girls also recently cleared their eye exams. 💖

A huge thank you to Dr Anders Thoreson from Klahaya Animal Hospital for doing such a great job at taking non-sedated radiographs. He is truly an OFA magician.

Nick takes on West Virginia

What a wonderful weekend in West Virginia at the Mountain Classic.

On Thursday, Nick went Best of Variety under judge Mr Lawrence Terricone.

On Friday, Nick went Best of Variety and Hound Group 1 under judge Mr Hal T. Beirmann.

On Saturday, Nick went Best of Variety and Hound Group 1 under judge Mr Raymond V Filburn Jr and then onto Best In Show under judge Ms. JoAnne Buehler!

On Sunday, Nick went Best of Variety under judge Ms. Cynthia Stohie and Hound Group 1 under judge Mrs Barbara Dempsey Alderman.

OH MY GOODNESS! Wow – Talk about have all my Christmases come true! This dog is proving over and over that he deserves to be in the ring with the top dogs in the US and is holding his own. There were some beautiful dogs out there and for him to be considered amongst them is such an honor.

Oh – and just the icing on the cake is that this weekend he also achieved his bronze GCH title – so now he can be called MBIS GCHB Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas. <3

I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Nick gets BEST IN SHOW

What a weekend at the Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club we had amazing success. It all started on Saturday when he won Best of Breed under judge Mr Donald A. Gill and then went on to a Hound Group 2 under judge Mr Timothy Catterson.

Then, on Sunday, something extraordinary happened.

Nick (GCH Kazuri’s All I Want For Christmas) went Best of Breed under judge Mr Timothy Catterson. Nick went on to a Hound Group 1 and then Best In Show under judge Mr Donald A. Gill. OH My Gosh!! Words can not express how over the moon I am!! I am so grateful to these judges for finding my beagle in amongst some beautiful dogs and finding him worthy of this honor.

I am walking on air. Huge thank you to Mike and Karen for their amazing handling and care of our sweet boy. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Allie’s newborn baby beagles

As promised, I took some nicer pictures of Allie’s babies. They are thriving. I don’t think I have ever had a set of puppies put on quite the weight that these guys have. Not that I am complaining at all – I am just amazed at their growth.

Allie has taken to motherhood like she was born to do it. I guess she was. She adores her babies and dotes on them as any new mother should. She watches as I do ENS on them, but never growls or fusses – just makes sure I put them back 🙂

Without further ado, I will introduce them to you. Since they were born on “National Beagle Day” it felt only fitting to name them after the most well known beagles.

*please note that none of these pups are available at this time*

Girl 1 – born at 10.62oz – now 1lb 1.1oz. Will now be named Miss P (because we joke that she should be called “Miss Piggy” as she put on 3oz in the first 36 hours)

Girl 2 – born at 11.46oz – now 1lb 1.4oz. Will now be named Shiloh.

Girl 3 – born at 10.82oz – now 15.9oz. Will now be called Bagel.

Boy 1-born at 12.35oz – now 1lb 2.4oz. Will now be called Snoopy

Boy 2-born at 11.82oz – now 1ob 1.5oz. Will now be called Gromit

Charlotte’s Cavalier Babies are 4 weeks old

This post will be quick as we had newborn baby beagles this weekend, but I wanted to show you that these beautiful bonny babies are growing up like weeds and doing so well.

We gave them some playtime outside and they were a little nervous but also excited to look around. They are adventuring around the house more and more and have loved meeting the rest of the pack, so are getting time with other big dogs too.

Life is zooming along thats for sure.

*please note that these pups are not available at this time*





Allie & Leo welcome their new Beagle puppies

Allie went into labor on her due date and labored, as first time mamas usually do, all night long and during the next day which happened to be Earth Day AND Beagle Day.

Around 1:30 her waters broke and so we were excited that maybe we were going to have a daytime birth. However, she started to push every now and then, but not with a lot of vigor and certainly not consistently.

At 4:30 another water sack appeared – this one clear and so I figured there was a puppy close….but we waited and waited and no puppy came. Allie was not in distress, and I kept in regular contact with breeder friends and with my trusted vets Dr Cyndi Smith from The Pet Dr and Dr Anders Thorsen from Klahaya Animal Hospital. Since we weren’t having green (indicating placental detachment), and Allie was calm, we decided to wait patiently, but around 9:30pm it just felt like we weren’t progressing and I didn’t want to wait all night and lose a baby (or worse all plus Allie) because we waited too long.

So, Dr Thoreson kindly allowed us to come in for a c-section. My loving husband and 14 year old daughter were there to rub puppies after I “caught” them.

We quickly realized why the puppies didnt come out – they were HUGE. 2 boys and 3 girls. Boy 1 was 12.35oz, Boy 2 was 11.82oz, Girl 1 was 10.62oz, Girl 2 was 11.46oz and Girl 3 was 10.82oz. Those were some big babies. And they were HUNGRY. We got them latched on as Allie was waking up – poor poppet.

She is adjusting to motherhood slowly – she doesn’t dislike them but i think she is very confused as to why these little beans keep wiggling all over her. I am doing all the potty work right now – I am sure she will catch on soon. <3

These puppies are sired by my homebred by Leo – CH Kazuri’s Hear Me Roar. This is his first litter and i have to say I like what I see so far.

Enjoy their brand new pics – proper ones coming soon.

*please note, these pups are not available at this time*

Sirius gets 3 new barn hunting titles

Introducing:AKC GCH CKC CH Lockestar ‘Cause I’m Up To No Good, CGC CGCA CGCU TKN RATN RATNX RATO (and Crazy8s Bronze)!

Our boy Sirius has just finished earning THREE new Barn Hunting titles in a single weekend, and might be the FIRST Cavalier to have accomplished one of them! (we are just waiting on the confirmation of this).

His co-owner, Susan Lockleer and Sirius have worked so hard together to get this far and make an amazing team! Sirius is truly a once in a lifetime dog with his eagerness to please, willingness to work, intelligence, versatility, and bomb-proof happy go lucky temperament. He’s definitely not stopping here. I can’t wait to see how far this team goes!

Sirius is sired by Mary Beth Squirrell from Embee’s lovely boy CKC CH Embee’s Mischief Managed, ROM – “Loki” and out of LockeStar Love Struck, CGC – “Arrow” (sired by CH Turretbank To Sir With Love – “Sidney” daughter). Both of his parents are heart clear 5+ with SM0 MRI scans.

Sirius is currently heart clear at 4.5yrs also with a SM0 MRI scan.

As a breeder and owner I am so proud of both his brains and beauty. ❤

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs