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First Stacking Attempt

Today I did my first attempt at stacking the beagle babies (4.5 weeks old).

This (for those not in the show world) gives us the ability to be able to see the structure of each puppy – how their forechest and angles look, their topline and head shape.  We will do this over the coming weeks and try and figure out which puppy/s will stay and grow up here at Kazuri, and which will go to their new forever companion home.

Stacking is new and confusing for them and I do it gently and keep it fun as i want the babies to think its a game to stand still.  I am learning myself, so these are not perfect by any means.







Beagle puppies are 2 weeks old

The beagle puppies have turned 2 weeks old and they are growing so fast.  They all have their eyes open and are starting to try and walk around – some are having more success than others are some are lighter than others. 🙂  haha.

we are loving them so much and they get regular snuggles and kisses.  This week we will start puppy mush sometime and start to give Maddy some relief from being the solo feeder of them.  She is doing an amazing job, but they are hungry little babies.

Nemo – 2lb 1.8oz

Rueben – 1lb 13.2oz

Pebble – 2 lb 0.09oz

River – 2lb 6.9oz

Lulu – 1lb 12.9oz

Gabriel – 2lb 8.2oz

Beagle Puppies ~ 1week old

The puppies are 1 week old and of course being a professional photographer by trade, I couldn’t help myself but take them into my studio for a quick shoot.  My daughter helped and in 20 mins we were all done – warm air was our best friend for sleepy puppies 🙂

Enjoy xo

beagle 1 week-1 beagle 1 week-2 beagle 1 week-3 beagle 1 week-5 beagle 1 week-6 beagle 1 week-7 beagle 1 week-8

beagle 1 week-32 Boy 1 – aka “Nemo” beagle 1 week-30 beagle 1 week-31

beagle 1 week-9 Boy 2 aka “Rueben”beagle 1 week-12 beagle 1 week-13

beagle 1 week-15  Boy 3 aka ” Pebble”beagle 1 week-17 beagle 1 week-20

beagle 1 week-41  Boy 4 aka “River”beagle 1 week-43 beagle 1 week-44 beagle 1 week-39

beagle 1 week-33 Girl aka “Lulu”beagle 1 week-35 beagle 1 week-36

beagle 1 week-26 Boy 5 aka “Gabriel”beagle 1 week-24beagle 1 week-21


Beagle puppies are 4 days old

The beagle puppies are thriving under Maddy’s tender loving care.  Her milk came in fast and not one lost any weight.

They all lined up tonight at the edge of the crate and I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos.

<3 how can you not be in love??

aa aaf

Beagle puppies ~ 1 day new

Maddy and Ajs puppies were born safe and sound yesterday – we couldn’t be happier with how it went and everyone is already putting on weight and thriving.

Our kids have already given them fun names for while they are here in our home so you can see those below.  More pictures of the beagle babies to come of course.  xox

puppies 1 day-1 Boy 3 (aka pebble)puppies 1 day-2 puppies 1 day-5

puppies 1 day-10  Boy 2 (aka Rueben)puppies 1 day-11 puppies 1 day-8

puppies 1 day-12 Boy 1 (aka Nemo)puppies 1 day-16

puppies 1 day-15  Boy 5 (aka Gabriel) puppies 1 day-13

puppies 1 day-25puppies 1 day-27 Girl (aka Lulu)

puppies 1 day-20 Boy 4 (aka River) puppies 1 day-18

puppies 1 day-28 puppies 1 day-29 puppies 1 day-30 puppies 1 day-31 puppies 1 day-32

Madison X AJ pregnancy confirmed ~ beagle puppies

We have wonderful news – today we confirmed that Madison is indeed pregnant via ultrasound and so at the end of September we are expecting a litter of puppies to arrive.  We wont know exactly how many until we do an x-ray closer to her due date.

This is a lovely line breeding and we have high hopes for what we could get from it.  We were very lucky to get a breeding in days before he left for his debut in Canada.

AJ is Canadian BIS Am GCH FoxTail’s Race To The Finish


AJ X Maddy pedigree

B’s first weekend as a Jr Handler

B and Sirius debut’ed this weekend as a Jr Handler.

She walked and worked with him with confidence and it looked like they had been a team for months not weeks.  to say we were so proud of them was an understatement.  I think these two have a bright future ahead of them.

file-1 file-3