Cavalier Puppies are nearly here

Miss Arrow’s pregnancy has flown by so fast and we are now about 2 ish weeks away from meeting our little cavalier babies.  Arrow looks amazing – until you pull back her hair, its hard to tell she is pregnant at all.  But when you do, there is definitely a belly 🙂

Next week we will do an xray and see how many to expect.  I cant wait to announce their safe arrival 🙂

cavalier king charles pregnant-3 cavalier king charles pregnant-1 cavalier king charles pregnant-2


4 thoughts on “Cavalier Puppies are nearly here”

  1. I am wondering if you have any puppies available for adoption. At the moment we have an 8 year old male maltipoo. I run a home daycare and think that this particular breed would be a lovely addition to our family.

    1. Hi Dani, thank you so much for your enquiry. So far, all these puppies are spoken for. However we will probably breed Arrow again next year as her health clearances are so amazing. So, if you wouldn’t mind waiting 6 months to a year (depending on when she goes in heat), I would love to talk to you more about a puppy. You can always email me

  2. Hi, Sarah
    We got your name from Julia Johns, My husband and I are looking for a cavilier puppy, We just had to let our sweet little girl go due to the heart issue, we are very devastated. I feel so lost without her. From what I understand you may have one available, Our little Atty was a Tricolor, My husband really wants another girl if possible, would like to talk to you about getting on some list to receive one. I work out of home and my husband is retired, so you can call anytime. 360-793-9781
    Thank you

    1. HI Reid & Jeanette – we have a couple of boys that are ready for their forever homes right now (10 weeks on sept 1st). I know you wanted a girl, but one of these boys in particular is such a sweet loving gentle little guy – I wonder if you might be interested meeting him. Give me a call or email me (425 8943102) if you want to chat 🙂 Sarah xo

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