Stella grows up

Stella is growing up well – she is a spunky little girl with loads of personality – these pictures were taken when she was about 9 weeks old.  She could have made a cute show pup.

Unfortunately, her bite is not perfect. As a breeder, I could put doggie braces on her (yes that is a real thing)…but ethically I would know that it could show up again in her bloodline if I ever chose to breed her.  And I don’t want to cut corners as a breeder.

We made the sad decision to home her as a pet.  Sometimes I believe that God has a plan greater than we can imagine and Mike and Michelle got in touch with us about a puppy.  Stella has gone to her new home in Oregon and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how cherished she is – and that she has 3 beagles and a Lhasa as fur siblings 🙂

stella2 stella

Jessie’s final puppy

stella puppy

This is little Stella – Jessie’s final puppy.  With progesterone testing and perfect timing, she produced only one puppy, so we made the hard decision to spay her on delivery.

With breeding, we take our job very seriously – not just extensively health testing our dams – but also making hard decisions if we need to.

Unfortunately, Jessie had trouble getting pregnant and trouble whelping.  It is no one’s fault – it is just the nature of nature.  But we believe that its unfair to Jessie to make her go through this again and so spaying her means we can have her as our couch potato from now on.

Little Stella was 5 oz at birth and took about 30 minutes to breathe steadily.  She is now nursing well and growing perfectly.  We are in love.


Cooper is our old soul – at nearly 11, we are aware that we will soon be on borrowed time with him.  My friend Sacha Blue met us in Kirkland this sunny evening.  At the last minute I decided to bring the dogs and I am so glad I did as she captured this beautiful portrait of my son, my mom and Cooper.

6 years ago we brought him to the USA from New Zealand and I haven’t regretted that decision once.  He was my first beagle love and our very start in this beautiful breed.

beagle seattle wa

Welcoming Maddy

After much deliberation, we talked to Sheri from Foxtail beagles about acquiring a puppy from her recent litter.  Maddy is the half sister to Stella (both being sired by JJ – BIS BISS CH Foxtails Race for the Race) but Maddy is closer aligned to what I want in a show puppy (and ultimately to breed from).

So we welcome Madison (aka Foxtails Dreaming of the Race) to our family.  <3


Bella and Jedi – 8 weeks

Bella-Luna and Jedi are about to go to their new homes.  Jedi (now named Fonzie) is going to a local family where he will be a living the good life as an AKC show dog.  Bella-Luna (now named Lucie) is going to become a spoilt loved pet in the heart of Seattle.

We will miss these little guys and wish them all well in their new homes.

Kazuri’s first litter

Kazuri is proud to announce the safe arrival of our very first litter – one little boy and one little girl.

After a long night up with contractions, we ended up heading to Seattle Vet Services in Kirkland and with the help of a little Pitocin we safely got to meet the babies.

We cant wait to see how they mature and grow.

CH Foxtails Born to be wild x CH Foxtails Renegade

Beagles and Cavalier King Charles Dogs