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Cavalier of Puget Sound Specialty Shows

Because of COVID, we have all been starved of going to going to shows. The State-wide restrictions have made it almost impossible all year to get together.

The Cavalier of Puget Sound (COPS) show, which are usually held mid year, were postponed till this weekend in the hopes that the numbers would be smaller. They were able to join with the shows at Richfield WA and have back to back specialty shows the day before the All breed shows that were happening on the weekend.

So, Phoenix and Summer and I, met Susan and Alisha from Lockestar cavaliers, who brought along Sirius, James and Christopher, and we had a day full of fun with our fellow cavalier fanciers. There were rules of course – stay 6ft apart and wear a mask at all times, but we all complied – anything to be able to do what we love πŸ™‚

Our brilliant judges were Mrs Patricia Hastings and Mr Gary Stiles.

The second COPS show was dedicated to the late Nancy Rice Waggoner who passed away earlier this year. She was incredibly dedicated to the sport of cavaliers – what I mean by that is what she didn’t just see them as “pretty” lap dogs, but saw them as capable working dogs also, and many of her dogs worked on other titles as well – they got therapy titles so she could give back to others and agility titles so they could show they could move and keep their brains active. She tried to breed to the standard winning many accolades over the years – Best of Breeds, Group Placements, Best in Shows – her hard work showed in her placements. And she was a really lovely person. I always remember her smile greeting everyone at every show I went to. I was glad this show was dedicated to her memory.

Here are some of the many wonderful memories from the show – obviously not everything is here – thank you to Becky Smith’s husband Steve for taking photos ringside.

Kiss and Denny’s cavalier pups are 5 weeks old

Time is flying by so fast – I cant believe I am half way to some of these guys going home. Oh my gosh – I cant even think about it.

They are all super eaters now. When the bowls go down, they chow down. They were introduced to the big pack this week and Phoenix (my 1 year old ruby cavalier) was especially excited. If you want to see a video of her playing with one, i put it on Instagram @kazuri_beaglesandcavaliers She sits by their pen and tries t play through the bars and begs me to lets them out several times a day.

The pups are getting so good at walking around and playing that we decided to take them for their first outing outside into the yard. They were a little shy at first (as you will see in the pictures), but once they had figured out that they were safe, they started exploring a little and chewing on leaves and such. It is still a little cold out, and so we didn’t stay for long. We will take them out for small times again each day. πŸ™‚

Here are the latest pictures of the babies – they are getting bigger. <3






I will be forever thankful to Heidi Mohn from Covington cavaliers for allowing me to use her beautiful boy Denny ( CKCSC-USA CH & AKC CH Covington Designed By Time) for this litter.

Thank you for your interest in my puppies and breeding program. At this stage I don’t know if any of these puppies will be available as I will start assessing them around week 7/8 to see who will stay in my breeding program. I thank you for your patience and understanding. I do understand how hard it is to wait.

If you want to be considered for a puppy, please look on my “puppy page” for all the information you need about my breeding plans, FAQs, and a questionnaire to fill out. Thanks, Sarah

Paris’s puppies are 1 week today

It has been quite a week. we were absolutely gutted on Wednesday night when we lost our littlest guy πŸ™ But thankfully the other six are strong and healthy and growing like little flowers.

We decided that their blog names should follow “Hamilton” – it is one of our favorite plays and since they were born on “President’s day” it seemed only fitting.

So, introducing: Our 3 girls <3




And the boys <3

Hamilton (Hammy)



I dont know if any of these puppies are available at this stage. Offers will be made as soon as I know – probably closer to 7-8 weeks. Thank you for understanding.