Stella grows up

Stella is growing up well – she is a spunky little girl with loads of personality – these pictures were taken when she was about 9 weeks old.  She could have made a cute show pup.

Unfortunately, her bite is not perfect. As a breeder, I could put doggie braces on her (yes that is a real thing)…but ethically I would know that it could show up again in her bloodline if I ever chose to breed her.  And I don’t want to cut corners as a breeder.

We made the sad decision to home her as a pet.  Sometimes I believe that God has a plan greater than we can imagine and Mike and Michelle got in touch with us about a puppy.  Stella has gone to her new home in Oregon and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how cherished she is – and that she has 3 beagles and a Lhasa as fur siblings 🙂

stella2 stella