Welcoming Arrow to our family

Our daughter B wanted a dog of her own.  We told her we would be happy for her to have a dog of her own if she would save up $200 towards the purchase price, and research the perfect breed for her.

She worked all Summer long, pet sitting and doing chores for neighbors.  And she created lists of the things the perfect dog would have.  The biggest thing was she wanted a dog that was potty trained (so an older puppy or young dog) and that would like being dressed up, didn’t require much exercise and wasn’t too big.

She came up with Cavalier King Charles – luckily one of our local vet techs, Julia, is a CKCS breeder and I know she is very health conscious and so I thought she would be a great resource.  She put us in touch with her close friend Alisha from Lockestar Cavaliers and they told us about Arrow.

Miss Arrow came to live with us and immediately made herself at home.  We are delighted to add CKCS to our kennel.