Kiss and Denny’s pups are 7 weeks today.

My sweet cavalier puppies are 7 weeks today. They are fun loving little explorers. On the sunny days we take them out into the garden to explore and play. The problem is, they don’t want to sit still anymore for close ups. So, you will just have to enjoy pictures of them enjoying the sun and exploring the garden with the big dogs and playing with mama Kiss (aka Paris).

Thank you for your interest in my puppies and breeding program. At this stage all of these puppies will be sold from my current wait list. I have just started assessing them to see who will stay in my breeding program. I thank you for your patience and understanding as I wait to make my final offers out to families. I do understand how hard it is to wait.

If you want to be considered for a future Kazuri puppy, please look on my “puppy page” for all the information you need about my breeding plans, FAQs, and a questionnaire to fill out. Thanks, Sarah

2 thoughts on “Kiss and Denny’s pups are 7 weeks today.”

  1. When would you have next litter for beagles?
    We maybe up for another puppy by December.

    1. Hi there – our “puppy page” has information about our future litters and how I place puppies, costs etc. and a questionnaire if you would like to apply. Thanks.

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