Woofstock, Vallejo CA

We had a brilliant weekend at Woofstock this weekend. Emmy (Kazuri’s Dreaming of an Emmy) garnered 5 points towards her CH title including a lovely 4point major win under Judge David R. Miller. We are thankful for Mc Linda C. Moore for also recognizing her. She had not been in the ring since the national last October, so we were tickled at how well she did.

Not to be outdone, our little 13 inch Vixen (Hailstorm’s Feeling a little Foxy at Kazuri) won Best Opposite 2 days under judges Ms Linda C. Moore and Mrs. Patricia V.Trotter. The big excitement was on Saturday when she won Best of Breed over several lovely specials for a 5 point major under judge Mr David R. Miller!

Lastly, our puppy boy, River, (Kazuri’s River of Dreams) went reserve 3/4 days, but today delighted us with his second winners dog/best of winners win garnering his second 3 point major under judge Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter. At 8 months old, and this being his second dog show, we are proud that his is half way to his CH title.
I am so thankful to co-owners and co-breeders Mike Kurtzner and Karen Kurtzner who so wonderfully presented our dogs this weekend.

Emmy with Karen

Seattle Kennel Club

So proud of our Bred By boy Sirius, (Lockestar ‘Cause I’m Up to No Good) Bred by myself and Alisha Lockleer – they got back to back Winners Dog and Best of Winners at Seattle Kennel club under judges Cindy Vogels and Larry Abbott. We are so proud of how this young boy is maturing. He is only a few points away from finishing his CH title.

It seems the beagles had a great weekend at Seattle Kennel club also – GCH Kazuri’s A Mind of His Own aka Fonzie won Best of Breed and then went on to get a NOHS Group 4 today under Judge Laura Pond with his owner Sarah Yates today – congratulations to them both on their hard work and dedication!!

Cavalier saves his owners’ life

I have an amazing story to share.

Mochi, a cavalier, I co-bred with Alisha Lockleer with LockeStar Cavaliers, saved a life today.
Here is the story in his owner, Esther’s, words:
“Alisha, I spoke to you how Mochi never barks. The boys and I were eating breakfast and I was on my phone typing. Mochi started barking and barking loud and it startled me hearing him bark. As my eyes went up I noticed my son was choking and couldn’t breathe. Poor baby didn’t even make a single noise as he couldn’t. I ran around to him and we got the food out of his throat. I am so grateful for Mochi being alert to my babies and amazed that he even knew something was wrong with no noise from my son!! So he got a special treat today.”

Mochi is sired by Mary Beth Squirrell‘s boy Loki (Embee’s Mischief Managed) and is out of our girl Arrow.

Esther, Alisha, and I are so proud of Mochi!!! So is his brother Sirius!! These little dogs are so incredible and know so much more than we think they do!

Beagle pups are 9 weeks ~ final post before we say goodbye

This will be the final post of all the pups together as we will say goodbye to most of the litter later this week as they will be off to their forever homes.

Its bittersweet….

One or two of the boys will stay with co-breeders Mike and Karen to grow up and see if they will become show dogs.  But everyone else will be loved companions.  We are thankful to each incredible family who is adopting these guys.  We know they are so lucky to be going home with you.

Beagle Puppies are 6 weeks

The babies are 6 weeks old.  I can hardly believe it.  🙂  It snowed here in Seattle – yes – you read that right – snowed in November!!  so, the puppies first days in the grass were with little bits of snow.

They loved playing out in the grass and leaves and exploring the yard with the big dogs – and boy did they take a big nap afterwards!   I can see this is going to be a new daily activity for everyone 🙂

Enjoy xo

Nemo Lulu Gabriel Rueben Riverpebble

Beagle babies ~ 5 weeks

Time is now racing by.  The babies have starting sleeping through the night by themselves without Maddy and Maddy is feeding them less and less.  I guess those needle sharp teeth are starting to really hurt (I should know – owch!).

Their development is coming along leaps and bounds and we are loving their personalities emerging.

enjoy the final studio photos of them








First Stacking Attempt

Today I did my first attempt at stacking the beagle babies (4.5 weeks old).

This (for those not in the show world) gives us the ability to be able to see the structure of each puppy – how their forechest and angles look, their topline and head shape.  We will do this over the coming weeks and try and figure out which puppy/s will stay and grow up here at Kazuri, and which will go to their new forever companion home.

Stacking is new and confusing for them and I do it gently and keep it fun as i want the babies to think its a game to stand still.  I am learning myself, so these are not perfect by any means.