Leo wins his 2nd Major

Leo – “Kazuri’s Hear Me Roar” won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite today at the Olympic Kennel Club under esteemed judge Mr Robert Frost.  This was his second major and a big one at 5 points!

In 2 show weekends, he has both his majors and 10 points.  Way to go Leo!  <3

Cavalier puppies are 2 weeks old

The cavalier puppies are 2 weeks old.  Cute as little buttons, they are growing and healthy.

Their little eyes are opening (well most of their eyes – Pumpkin’s are not quite yet).  So, i expect next week they will start to move around a little more.

Ava – now 1lb 0.5oz

Benji – now 15.6 oz

Pumpkin – now 12.9oz

Victor – now 14 oz

Mistletoe – now 14.7oz

Minnie – now 1lb 0oz

Pip – now 10.2 oz

Jazz – 15.1 oz

Nemo – now 13.3 oz

Cavalier Puppies are 1 week old

I dont know if there are many things cuter than puppies and having 9 beautiful babies in the house is almost overwhelming.  They are getting a lot of snuggle time between the kids and their friends since it is Summer holidays.  They cant wait for them to grow up a little and start to play.

Because Arrow and Paris’ babies are similar in size, we have been able to share the puppies between them, meaning that Arrow has been feeding and caring for the bigger ones and Paris the smaller ones. It has meant that everyone has had equal share to grow without being pushed around.  Its awesome and both moms are happy to take any babies they are given.  We are so lucky they are great natural mothers.

The babies turned a week old so of course you know that meant i needed to document the occasion.  Everyone has grown and filled out since they were born.  <3  And everyone has adorable nicknames now thanks to my kids and their friends.

Meet “Pumpkin” who is now 7.9oz

Meet “Benji” who is now 8.4oz

Meet “Ava” who is now 10.8oz

Meet “Vic” who is now 7.9 oz

Meet “Mistletoe” who is now 9.1oz

Meet “Minnie” who is now 7.3oz

Meet “Pipsqueak aka Pip” who is now 5.8 oz

Meet “Jazz” who is now 8.0oz

Meet “Nemo” who is now 7.6oz


Kiss x Gunnar’s Puppies are here

Kiss decided to surprise us by going into labor a couple of days early also.  Once she was done, we knew why as she was FULL with 7 babies in her belly.  She had NO more room left.

First born was a big Blenheim boy.

next was a tri girl

followed by another tri girl


and then another tri girl

and then a little Blenheim girl

and then another tri girl

and finally a big Blenheim boy to finish

So to summarize: we have 2 Blenheim boys, 1 Blenheim girl and 4 tri girls.  2 boys and 5 girls.   WOW!!   We were only expecting 5….bonus babies!


Little girl #4 is struggling to breathe and so we have her in an oxygen tank and i will feed her round the clock till she is strong enough to join her siblings.

** Edit **

on the 7th of Aug we lost our sweet baby girl – we had called her “Hope” and she fought so hard to live.  However, she just started to get tired and her little body began to fail her, and despite all of our efforts and hard work she lost her fight.

So we now have 9 beautiful babies – 3 from Arrow and 6 from Paris/Kiss.   <3


Arrow x Blake welcome their babies

This morning, in the wee hours, Arrow decided she was ready to whelp and did it all on her own.  Day 56 – so earlier than I had expected her to.

I had checked on her hours earlier and there were no signs of delivery, and when i woke a couple of hours later we had a litter.

Unfortunately, because of this, one of puppies got too cold and we lost her 🙁    But, we are thrilled to announce, 3 healthy babies  – 2 ruby girls and a black n tan boy.   6.8oz

5.8 oz


James’ first Major

We have more good news! James – Kaszuri East of Eden (CH Verheyen Dustin x LockeStar Love Struck), went Winners Dog / Best Of Winners for a 3 point major yesterday under judge Gloria Geringer! We just couldn’t be happier for our second homebred cavalier and son of Arrow. What a wonderful way to wrap up the show weekend for the half brothers James and Sirius A huge congratulations to all the other winners this weekend! Also a huge shout out to Zoelea, Robert and Wendy for the amazing hospitality of Alisha and Susan this weekend.

New CH Sirius

What a dream come true! As a combination between myself, Alisha Lockleer and Susan Lockleer as breeder/owner/handlers, we are thrilled to announce that Sirius is now CH LockeStar ‘Cause I’m Up To No Good, CGCA – of course pending AKC confirmation.

He truly finished in style, from the Bred By class all the way.   He completed his CH title with three 4pt majors. The icing on the cake was taking back to back Best Of Breeds with a Group 4 and a Bred By Exhibitor Group1 under judges Fred Bassett and James Moses at the absolutely gorgeous Cook Inlet Kennel Club.

We are beyond thrilled! Thank you to all involved in making this dream a reality!

We are expecting cavalier puppies

We are thrilled to announce the impending arrival of two cavalier litters.

Arrow was bred to Blake “GCH Orchard Hill Tough Enough”

He combines beautiful structure with longevity and strong hearts.  We are excited about this adorable match.  As Arrow carries the white gene, the puppies could be any of the 4 colors.  Blenhiem, Ruby, Black n tan or Tri.

Mom Arrow:

Dad: Blake


The second litter is Paris to Gunnar “GCH Truelegance Pistols at Dawn”

Gunnar comes from long lines of heart clear dogs and has a few MRI clear dogs in his pedigree also which of course I love.    The puppies from these litters can only be Blenheim or tri colored.

Mom: Paris

Dad: Gunnar


Please note that we have a current waitlist and the puppies are more than likely sold already.

We do have litters planned for 2019.  Please feel free to contact us in regards to those litters if you are interested.


Woofstock, Vallejo CA

We had a brilliant weekend at Woofstock this weekend. Emmy (Kazuri’s Dreaming of an Emmy) garnered 5 points towards her CH title including a lovely 4point major win under Judge David R. Miller. We are thankful for Mc Linda C. Moore for also recognizing her. She had not been in the ring since the national last October, so we were tickled at how well she did.

Not to be outdone, our little 13 inch Vixen (Hailstorm’s Feeling a little Foxy at Kazuri) won Best Opposite 2 days under judges Ms Linda C. Moore and Mrs. Patricia V.Trotter. The big excitement was on Saturday when she won Best of Breed over several lovely specials for a 5 point major under judge Mr David R. Miller!

Lastly, our puppy boy, River, (Kazuri’s River of Dreams) went reserve 3/4 days, but today delighted us with his second winners dog/best of winners win garnering his second 3 point major under judge Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter. At 8 months old, and this being his second dog show, we are proud that his is half way to his CH title.
I am so thankful to co-owners and co-breeders Mike Kurtzner and Karen Kurtzner who so wonderfully presented our dogs this weekend.

Emmy with Karen