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Kiss and Denny’s pups are 7 weeks today.

My sweet cavalier puppies are 7 weeks today. They are fun loving little explorers. On the sunny days we take them out into the garden to explore and play. The problem is, they don’t want to sit still anymore for close ups. So, you will just have to enjoy pictures of them enjoying the sun and exploring the garden with the big dogs and playing with mama Kiss (aka Paris).

Thank you for your interest in my puppies and breeding program. At this stage all of these puppies will be sold from my current wait list. I have just started assessing them to see who will stay in my breeding program. I thank you for your patience and understanding as I wait to make my final offers out to families. I do understand how hard it is to wait.

If you want to be considered for a future Kazuri puppy, please look on my โ€œpuppy pageโ€ for all the information you need about my breeding plans, FAQs, and a questionnaire to fill out. Thanks, Sarah

No beagle pups in March

We are so sad to announce that Allie was pregnant, but yesterday we did an x-ray and found that she has lost the litter ๐Ÿ™

To say that this is gut wrenching is an understatement. This is part of breeding for sure, but it doesn’t make it stink any less.

So, now we try and look to the future and what we will do next. Allie is fine. Going through the motions of a false pregnancy and was checked out thoroughly by out vet yesterday and was found to be healthy. So that is something to be grateful for.

Kiss’ cavalier puppies are 4 weeks old

According to my son (15), the puppies are now officially fun. They are now toddling around, exploring the puppy pen and starting to play with each other (and by play I mean in slow motion as they are still a little uncoordinated). They are enjoying several meals a day. All but Hamilton eat with great gusto – he gets a little distracted and would rather explore than sit and eat.

I am really loving raising these little ones – they are super fun and I am trying to enjoy every moment as it is already flying by way too fast.

Enjoy the latest photos. I hope whatever you are doing, in quarantine or not, you are staying safe and healthy. <3


Aaron Burr




Angelica, Aaron, Hamilton, Peggy, Eliza

Thank you so much for your interest in my puppies. At this stage I dont know which (if any) of these puppies will be available as I am waiting to assess them at 7-8 weeks. Thank you for being patient with me as I wait and make sure I make the right decision for my breeding program first, before making any offers out for pet families.

Emmy’s beagle pups play outdoors

Emmy’s pups are now 6 weeks old – I cant believe it. They are enjoying the outdoors more and more now. Karen sent me these pictures so I just had to share them <3

** Just a reminder that these puppies are being raised with my co-breeders Mike and Karen in Sacramento California, so you cant visit them in Seattle unfortunately. I will be bringing them up at some point in April.

Thank you for your interest in my puppies and breeding program. At this stage I donโ€™t know if any of these puppies will be available as I will start assessing them around week 7/8 to see who will stay in my breeding program. I thank you for your patience and understanding. I do understand how hard it is to wait.

If you want to be considered for a puppy, please look on my โ€œpuppy pageโ€ for all the information you need about my breeding plans, FAQs, and a questionnaire to fill out. Thanks, Sarah

Kiss’s Cavalier Puppies are 3 weeks old

The puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to toddle around. Their eyes are all completely open and little growls and puuurrrs are being heard all the time. We fed them their first meal and 3/5 loved it – the other two were a little meh. We will keep trying as growing up is just part of life right ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

I took their pictures just after they had a nursing session so I couldn’t wake a couple of them to show you their beautiful eyes – dont mind the pinky color on their faces and legs – that was from their food – yes – it did go everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚ . Here are my beautiful babies. <3

Angelica – Miss personality – the first to always greet me



The Schuyler sisters


Aaron Burr

The two friends and foes

I dont know if any of these puppies will be available at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience as I evaluate this litter. I appreciate it so much. <3

Paris’s puppies are 1 week today

It has been quite a week. we were absolutely gutted on Wednesday night when we lost our littlest guy ๐Ÿ™ But thankfully the other six are strong and healthy and growing like little flowers.

We decided that their blog names should follow “Hamilton” – it is one of our favorite plays and since they were born on “President’s day” it seemed only fitting.

So, introducing: Our 3 girls <3




And the boys <3

Hamilton (Hammy)



I dont know if any of these puppies are available at this stage. Offers will be made as soon as I know – probably closer to 7-8 weeks. Thank you for understanding.

Kiss and Denny’s Puppies arrived

With every birth I learn something new. Usually I start taking the dam’s temperature about 4/5 days before she is due to watch for a significant drop which tells me she is 24hours from starting labor. This happened on Thursday morning (the 13th Feb). I got up every 2 hours through the night to check on her for 4 nights – she started labor on Sunday night around 11:30, and puppies started arriving around 10am on Monday morning. Someone once told me “they don’t read the rulebook” – and that was certainly true for this. But I am glad she was able to have them safe and sound at home rather than go in for the planned C-section which is what we would have done Monday afternoon.

Baby #1 was born at 9:58 – a boy – 5.1oz.

Baby #2 was a girl, born at 11:12 – 6.3oz.

Baby #3 was a boy born at 12:03 and he was 6.5oz.

Baby #4 was another boy born at 12:49 and 5.7oz.

Baby #5 was 6.6oz and was a girl born at 2:23.

Baby #6 was born at 3.52 – another girl 6.7oz.

Our final baby was a boy born at 4:14 weighing 7.6oz.

Mom and babies are all vigorous and doing well. I am not sure who is available at this stage and will start contacting families as soon as I do ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

EDIT: On Wednesday night, one of the little boys started to crash and we couldn’t save him and he gained his angel wings. This is the heartbreaking side of breeding. One that cant be avoided, but death is part of life. He was loved and treasured and cuddled right till the end. <3

We welcome Emmy’s Beagle Puppies

My co-breeder’s ( who live in Sacramento) and I are proud to announce that Emmy’s litter arrived safe and sound. This litter is particularly special as it was conceived with 22 year old frozen semen from a dog that passed away many years ago – Ben – BIS BISS Kahootz Chase Manhattan. I am amazed at how technology can help us preserve DNA these days. Ben is a very well known dog in the beagle world and I am proud to be able to bring this old pedigree back into my pedigree and all that Ben has to offer.

Baby 1 was a Girl – 7.4 oz
Baby 2 was another girl – 8.1oz
Baby #3 was a little boy – 7.7oz
Baby #4 was another boy – 8.2oz
Baby #5 was another girl – 8.8oz
Baby #6 was another boy – 10.3oz
We got a surprise 7th baby – a huge girl weighing an even 11oz

We had thought she was just having 6, so she surprised us with a bonus #7 ๐Ÿ™‚ 4 girls and 3 boys ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice job Ben and Emmy <3 Mom and babies are all doing well. Emmy is a wonderful mother and the report is that the puppies are all vigorous and strong. I am so thankful.

At this stage I have no idea if any of these puppies will be available – we are going to take our time with this litter since the bloodline is one we have waited so long for. Thank you for understanding.

Maddy’s pups are 8 weeks & Vixen’s pups are 11 weeks

The puppies are growing about as quickly as the temperatures are dropping – fall in the PNW is certainly here. The puppies dont seem to notice though as they play in the yard and enjoy being outside each day.

My poor plants are squashed and flattened by all the games of catch and tag that happen over them, but I cant even be mad with how cute they all are.

I cant help but think this is the final time Maddy’s 5 will be together before Bepper (now Ella), Api (now Bradley) and Gelly (now Poppy) will be going to their new homes.

The homes that Cottonz and Wistor had lined up, have fallen through.

However, I am looking for guardian homes for them. This means that the couple or family will co-own with me and allow me to show the dog to CH title (at my expense) and one day she will have a litter of puppies before being spayed. They are not available as just pets. If you think you are interested in meeting me and talking about this kind of partnership/relationship, please feel free to email me.